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Dear Customers,

The origins of our firm go back to the year 1990, when Józef Gałka set up his business Trak-Drew, which offered wood transport services. In 1995 he began his own wood sawing venture. Knowledge and experience gained in his work as well as his enthusiasm allowed him to open his own sawmill and start cooperation with an increasing number of companies. To begin with, we would like to thank our customers for the interest and time and we hope that our presentation will meet your expectations.

Throughout the years, the firm has developed which led to establishing a civil partnership Trak-Drew in 2013 which is presently the leading producer of pallet planks.

The wood used in the production is obtained in 80% from state-owned forests and is 100% PEFC-certified. The remaining 20% of raw material comes from Slovakia. We would like to mention that we have our own transport infrastructure which makes our work significantly easier and helps us to meet the requirements of our customers who expect fast and safe delivery of goods.

Quality of our products is owed to modern technology, excellent production organization and raw material certified by the international PEFC certification.

We are a creative firm open to the market's present day needs. We bet high for development and constant improvement so that our products continue to meet our customers' needs in the best possible way. Thanks to the family tradition and a wealth of experience we are highly thought of on both national and international markets.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

Our products:
sawn timber, pallet planks, squared timber for pallet production, bark, sawdust, wood chips

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