Wood chips are a by-product of sawing and chipping wood. They are wood elements in the size from about 10mm to a few centimetres. It is an excellent material for producing particle and fibre boards and cellulose. Wood chips are also used as eco-fuel for biomass boilers.

The bark we offer is used as a decorative element, but also for soil mulching around conifers and deciduous plants, as well as for mulching to protect plants against low temperatures in winter, reduce water soil losses and to suppress weeds. It enhances soil and improves its structure.

Sawdust is a by-product of cutting, milling and chipping wood. It usually makes 10% of wood processed in a sawmill. It is used in industry for further processing.

We offer squared timber of different cross-section and length used for pallet production.

We specialise in producing and selling dry and wet sawn timber of different types of wood, quality classes and sizes. Sawn timber offered by Trak-Drew comes from our own wood sawing done with modern machines with a high cutting precision.

Our products are made from the best quality wood with the use of modern machinery, thus meeting the expectations of even our most demanding customers.

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